About Gin Rummy

Now I am going to tell you a few things about Gin Rummy. Knowing the rules is the first step to playing Gin Rummy. Second you will need to learn the strategy of Gin Rummy. And lastly knowing Gin Rummy venues and the pros and cons of each. So lets get started. This article will help you Learn Rummy, but check out the history of rummy as well..


A standard deck of 52 cards is used to play Gin Rummy. Each player is dealt one card face up to start the game. The player with the highest value card is first. The game moves clockwise around the table from the first player. The game is played by alternating turns. Building melds and combination by picking up and discarding in turn. Games are won in one of three ways: gin, knock or undercut. Try the gin rummy online tutorial for more information.


Gin rummy strategy is a complex issue I will only touch on lightly. First as only one deck is used it is important to remember the cards that have been used. This alone can give you a large advantage as you will know what melds and combinations to go for. Also try to draw from the stock pile verses the discard pile. Your opponents will have a guess at what you are building when you draw from the discard pile. It is also important to notice what your opponent picks up from the discard pile. To lower their deadwood count opponents sometimes discard their high cards. You can take advantage of this by working on high card melds and combinations.


A deck of cards is all you really need to play Gin rummy. 2-4 players can play a game a Gin Rummy. The Internet is a great place to Gin Rummy. Always having players is an advantage to online gin rummy.


This is a brief explanation of the rules, strategy and venues of Gin Rummy.

Using the information from this article should get you on the way to becoming an expert Gin Rummy player. Good luck on your journey, and remember to always pay attention to the cards.