Becoming a Poker Moderator

I work as a journalist and cover news stories throughout Britain. To be honest I do see myself quite good at my job, I do like to publicize news stories and that is my main role in my line of work. This being said my boss gave me an assignment after the news broke out that all Russian casinos would be closing down and moving to a far away placement. My assignment was to spend a day in a UK casino working and seeing what people are actually like.


To be fair I had never been to a casino in my life as I was not genuinely in that type of crowd, so it was rather a nerve wrenching matter to do. Anyhow one of the casinos let me come in and work for the day. When I actually got to the casino they assigned me the poker moderators role. Which would fundamentally oversee all of the dealings and money on the board.


But besides from this my main duty was to see how people in the casino act and report on it. We have all seen the programmes on Television where they follow around drunk people on Saturday nights that then start to abuse people, I was going to see if this was the case for casinos and why they are so frowned upon.


As the day got later and later people began to get more and more drunk and ended up losing a whole lot of money. While I was waiting for something spectacular to occur, the atmosphere was instead actually quite pleasant. Even though people were losing their hard earned cash, they just continued to laugh and smile. There was one young boy who started a bit of trouble and eventually got thrown out. But because the gambling casino is full on adults it was a great deal more pleasant than I would have expected.


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