Building Your Online Texas Holdem Strategy

Playing texas holdem via the internet can be very fun, but the online holdem strategy is very different to that of playing in person around a real poker table. The following are some of the many tips to assist you at winning more hands and ultimately more money while developing your unique holdem strategy:

•    Invest time playing free holdem games online. That way you can sharpen your skills without losing your bank and develop your holdem strategy.

•    Learn and develop your skill of patience. Top players fold a lot more often than they stay in until the showdown. A bad hand is a bad hand. Folding poor starting hands will help to conserve your chip stack and leave you with more ammunition when you have the winning hand.

•    Play your position carefully. If you are a later player, you have more time to work on trying to figure out what the other players have in their hand. If you’re an early player, know when to stay in and when to fold. A small pair, for example, is worth keeping in pre-flop if you’re in an early position, but might not be worth holding on to if you’re in a late position and the betting is heavy.

•    Keep a chart of the pot odds handy so you can refer to it throughout the game. Knowing the odds of completing your hand can save you a lot of money when the pot is big. This is only one piece of the overall pie but an important one to your online holdem strategy.

•    Bluffing is an important part of your game but if you are beginner, don’t try to hone your skills of bluffing in big stakes games or tournaments. This is what practicing with play money is for. If you are in a tournament or game with players you have not profiled, and you try to bluff with a poor hand, you may get burned bad.

•    Take the time to understand your opponents and how they play. Keep notes and refer to them so you can build up player profiles for the players you encounter frequently. Learn their tells, keep track of how loose or tight they play. Use their weaknesses against them. Watch how every player plays each and very hand and you will soon start to see patterns in their betting. You’ll soon learn who the very loose players are and you can start focusing on taking their money.

•    And here’s a sneaky trick I learned from another pro online player. Make up a screen name that makes you appear as a woman even if you are not. Strangely enough, many male players won’t play as aggressively against someone they think is a female player. It’s a ego thing – use it to your advantage.

Developing an online poker strategy can take quite a bit of time. You will play many games and tournaments to see the needed amount of hands to really get a grasp on things. So play when you can and add these tips to your online texas holdem strategy.