Casino Bonus Guide- A Detailed Guide to Online Casinos

Is it safe to gamble online?  How much can I win?  What about my bonus?  How can I maximize my profits?  Most online casino beginners will wonder about these.  You are about to learn the answers in this casino bonus guide.  The guide includes the necessary information you need to start earning money from online casinos.


An online casino is referred to as a website available on the Internet that allows users to play the classic casino games.  You don’t have to spend any money right away because these games can be played for free, enabling you to get some practice before spending your own cash.  There are two different types of online casino:


  • The games at download casinos need to be downloaded and installed, however, these games are free to download.  The process can take anywhere from 15 minutes.
  • No download casino is the one that you can play the game online and wherever you are.


Over 2000 casinos operate online today.  All of them want a piece of the online gambling industries estimated 10 billion dollar a year earnings.  Since there is so much to gain in online casinos, this creates competition, all of them trying to retain and draw in new customers.   There are many types casino bonuses listed in on online casino directory web sites.  they too can act as a casino bonus guide.  For an opportunity to profit more, it is suggested that beginners start playing with leading recommended casino bonuses.


The following list of tips will help the beginners potentially gain more profits from casino bonuses.


  • Make a Neteller account.  This is useful for deposits and withdrawals.  It is important to always read the Casino.
  • Promotional Terms and Conditions. Go after the game with the least house advantage (HA) available.  Understand the difference between Cashable, Sticky Type I, and Sticky Type II bonuses.
  • Make small wagers until meeting the wager requirements.
  • Before you request a withdrawal, check that all the wagering requirements are completed.
  • Make sure that you are prepared to send in documentation when cashing out.
  • Create and maintain an Excel spreadsheet of the casinos that you have played and the bonuses you have claim from them.


A casino bonus guide will help you understand how online casinos works.  Questions which are usually asked by those just starting are the frequently asked questions section of the guide.  There are a lot of online guides that can help you during the game.  It is best to read these guides to make sure you know what you are doing especially if you are wagering your own money.  These guides are made especially for those who play online casinos for the purpose of increasing their winnings.


Before betting, make sure the online casino is legitimate.  You can learn more about this is my other articles.  There is nothing to lose at first since it’s free but as your skill develops and you start playing for real cash, the help of a guide is considered.  The guide is completely free to read and just a tiny piece of advice can make a lot of difference.  Begin rolling those dice!

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