Don’t Run Yourself Ragged, Enjoy Poker At Home

The teams of the Amazing Race and their avid followers were in for a real gem of a finale as Vegas was the final destination! Meghan Rickey and team mate Cheyne Whitney had managed to beat the other teams and race around the globe visiting eight countries in just 21 days. The race is quite the challenge as they have very little funds and have to beat the other teams to the location check points or be disqualified from the game.

With the prize set at a huge 1 million dollars, this isn’t just a fun and games race, this is a serious competition.

The series finale ended with the winners crossing the finish line at Wayne Newtons house in Las Vegas. Their shock was quite apparent when they were told they were the first team to cross the finishing line and had therefore won the jackpot. “For real?” Cheyne asked the producer. Throughtout the whole event, the team had been favoured to win as they were in such good shape and had kept their arguing to an absolute minimum. This can be quite the challenge in the game, as the race is a very stressful experience.

If an online race, from the comfort of your chair, is more your style though check out a poker room and enjoy a game of party poker or maybe full tilt rakeback competitive ability.

As with a lot of winners of reality shows, they both claimed that although the cash was important, the experience was why they entered. Cheyne even explained in his post-win interview that it wasn’t even the money that made them take part, but more the whole life-changing experience. She was without doubt one of the stronger competitors, even when you compare her to the blokes. I’m grateful that she is on my side~I’m very grateful that she is on my team~I’m grateful that she is on my side}~I’m grateful that she is on my side~I’m very happy she’s on my team~I’m grateful that she is on my side#}.” She added, “This has been a learning experience. Every step of the way has been so neat. I learned an awful lot about Cheyne. He’s a good person and friend who will be there for me throughout my life.”

In the finale there was a real nail biter as it appeared that the teams were running neck and neck. The team of Erika Dunlap and Brian Kleinschmidt, and brothers Dan and Sam Mcmillen were the competition. The arrival in Vegas saw the teams sing along with Elvis, join the cast of Cirque Du Soliel’s Love and sort through a million dollars worth of chips. It made for very entertaining viewing!