Holdem Genius How To Guide

Now, I don’t want to over-inflate the concept of Holdem Genus. This program by Mutatem Solutions, Ltd. isn’t the best online poker calculator software. However, its features are perfect for newer players, so unless you think you’re an “advanced intermediate” or better, this truly is arguably the best way for you to go to learn to win at Texas Hold’em online.

Now, keep in mind–this is a poker advisor only. This isn’t one of those stupid “poker bots”. You still have to make your own decisions and think for yourself, and there are times, depending upon the character of your opponents and your own playing style, that the advice you get doesn’t allow you to win; in other words, use the advice of this poker odds calculator but don’t be controlled by it.

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As with any odds calculator or advice program, Holdem Genius won’t make you a winning player by itself, but it is a useful tool for learning the game without losing too much money. If properly customized, this program’s advice might beat a micro-limit game, but not for the kind of profit that a skilled player would make.

You can get Holdem Genius for free here and start building your bankroll. All poker players struggle with the poker odds for different events, such as drawing to a flush or turning a pocket pair into a set on the flop. With a Texas Holdem hand odds software tool such as Holdem Genius or Texas Calculatem, these computations are done on the fly and with prefect precision, giving you a clear picture of where youre at in the hand.

An even more advanced software tool for Texas Holdem poker hand odds is Calculatem Pro, which gives you all the information of Texas Calculatem plus a few more in-depth parameters. With this boosted Texas Holdem odds calculator even the pot odds are calculated and displayed on screen.

When you do, it watches your hand and instantly calculates your hand odds and pot odds with no manual inputs from you – EVER! Plus, Holdem Genius gives you real-time betting advice based on the strength of your hand, your outs, the community cards, and what your opponents likely have. You can even adjust the settings on Holdem Genius to match your personal playing style. Make it more aggressive in late position or tighter pre-flop. It’s up to you.

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