Holdem Genius Reviews

Doesn’t it always seem like the smartest poker player always wins the most money? Well if you want to be the smartest guy at the poker table, you have to play with Holdem Genius.

Be a Genius – a Holdem Genius

One of the best of these poker odds calculators for the newer player is Holdem Genus. I’d like to give you a little HoldEm Genius review so you can decide for yourself if it would be a valuable learning and competitive tool.holdem genius review.

Can help you win more money by giving you instant odds and useful advice while you play Works with 100+ poker rooms including PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and Party Poker Compatible with Windows XP & Vista. Get a great sign-up bonus in addition to a free Holdem Genius™ license when you sign up with one of our poker room partners. Receive free poker books by playing more hands with Holdem Genius™ through our Extra Edge Program.

Why download the software?

Once we got the program installed, everything worked really well with the original default settings for Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars, but the program can be used in over 250 poker rooms. Holdem Genius did its job, took up very few resources and very little desktop space, and read the board and our hole cards accurately.

Advantages with Holdem Genius:

Holdem Genius doesn’t take into account the different human tendencies other players have but it does allow you to adjust your ‘playing style’. On the Holdem Genius toolbar players can choose from playing style, options, or help. Under playing style players can program the software to adjust to how they would to play. For instance a player can decide how aggressive or tight they want to be before and after the flop. It also allows players to adjust other settings (settings for what hands to play) when you are in the small blind, the big blind, the position of the dealer button and you can also make adjustments if there are 4+ players left at the table (5+ players, etc). Great feature to allow players to program their game into the software.

Getting Holdem Genius

The downside of Holdem Genus is that you need to play 500 hands of real money poker at just one room of your choice before it unlocks and then enables you to play with it anywhere online. This is why a couple of online gaming sites give it to you for free with your minimum deposit.


Overall Holdem Genius is an online poker tool that is worth buying. You will have the opportunity to better understand the game of poker and make some wise decision at the tables. The price of Holdem Genius is .85 and in case you are going to use this online poker software you will be able to be on profit from day one. You should consider Holdem Genius as an investment that will pay off by increasing your abilities to play poker online.

With hold em poker software you can stop grouping in the dark. In every situation at the poker table you have access to high quality intelligence and can make really competent decisions.