Holdem Genius

Doesn’t it always seem like the smartest poker player always wins the most money? Well if you want to be the smartest guy at the poker table, you have to play with Holdem Genius.

Be a Genius – a Holdem Genius

Holdem Genius offers a very nice all-in-one solution for skinning your poker tables with every statistic you will need at the tables in regards to pot odds. The program attaches itself to your poker tables automatically and is fully customizable. For example, you can have your top hands chart attached to the left side of your table and have all of your other game information on the right side so that everything is easily viewable. There is also a nice graphic in the center of the table that displays your current best hand and the likelihood of having the best hand on the river.

Plus, Holdem Genius can attach to multiple games at once making it easier for you to play more games and WIN MORE MONEY! This is the best way to dominate your opponents at the table. When you know the odds, it’s easier to WIN! The best part is you can get Holdem Genius for free just by opening a new account with one of their partner poker rooms. Go to the Holdem Genius website right now and get your FREE license! Then you’ll be on your way to winning more money as a Texas Holdem Genius!

Why download the software?

This Holdem software installs cleanly and is followed by prompt updates. The calculator provides pot and hand odds on every card and the exact hands that can beat the user. This can be done simultaneously for multiple games. The use of advanced mathematical algorithms takes multiple variables, such as opponents, position, fold depth, and pot odds into account, thus providing the most accurate poker guidance. Using this Holdem software certainly enables a player to use time and energy more efficiently. It can also enable the user to fine-tune their game to the extent that they can adopt a preferred style, such as establishing a purely tight-aggressive approach. Genius can also adjust to firmly set player tendencies, such as never calling in the small blind unless one’s hand is in the top 5%.

Advantages with Holdem Genius:

Some of the other capabilities that Holdem Genius comprises are that, the program has the ability to advise the player if they are holding the nuts, along with what hands might beat this hand and what the odds are of making a hand such as a straight or a flush at the river. Hold Em Genius is also capable of being customized to a player’s style. This means it can be adjusted for aggressive, loose or tight play as many poker players use different types of play depending on how the other players at the table are playing.

Getting Holdem Genius

The only reason Holdem Genius still sells is because of an over-priced payout feature for affiliates that market the product on thier site – meaning that essentially – you pay dearly for an outdated product.


If you are looking for a way to improve your Texas Hold’em game, an odds calculator is the way to go.  Picking the best calculator is important.  Hold’em Genius offers the most odds calculated in the most accurate way and in the timeliest fashion.  Its easy to use, highly customizable interface makes it a simple choice for any player looking for an odds calculator for use with most on-line poker games. Hold’em Genius and its unique features make it the best choice for an odds calculator application.

With hold em poker software you can stop grouping in the dark. In every situation at the poker table you have access to high quality intelligence and can make really competent decisions.