How Gambling Can Make Your Life Worse

A lot of folk in the world love to gamble, whether it's just a easy game of lottery or it is a full blown visit to the casino enjoying a game of roulette, everyone gambles. But if you did win a big sum would it make your life a whole lot nicer? Or would it in fact make it a misery, let us take a brief look at the reasons behind both statements.

The Best
1) It would give you much more financial freedom; you could do what you want when you want. Go on holidays weekly and live a relaxing life.
2) You could buy anything you have ever dreamt of, such as your dream home and car.
3) Open any business you like and keep in the back of your mind that you are the boss.

The Most Terrible
1) A vast amount of people that have a lot of money, become quite rude because they think they can get away with anything.
2) They end up becoming very sad and depressed because of the fact that they have pushed away people that were very close to them away, they are gradually realising that cash does not buy everything and that they have made a lot of mistakes.
3) When you have too much of something you do not know the value of it, the same acan be said about money. But when you have loads of money you just do not care simply because you know you can pop out and by a new one whenever necessary.

So finally it just goes to show that if you win big playing the lottery or rakeback then you may be happy for a little while but in the end you may end up losing the people that are closest to you in every possible way.

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