How Poker Changed My Life

About 18 months ago I was struggling to pay my mortgage and household bills. Me and my wife both were working full time and still we were not generating enough to have an average life. We were struggling to eat proper food and pay the bills. Then one weekend we were just chatting to our friends on Facebook and having a few game of poker. I am normally pretty good in poker so my wife had an idea. She asked me to join an online poker room.


At first I didn’t agree as we were already struggling with saving money and I did not want to go to a gambling site and spend something we can use for our kids. Then after few days she came back to me and said why don’t you just play with £20 and see it how it goes, it’s not a big amount. I thought what the hell I will give it a go. So I joined a party poker site online. I started with £20 and after few hours of playing it increased to £100, so I stopped there for that day. I didn’t tell my wife because she would ask me to play more, so I told her £20 is still there haven’t lost and haven’t won anything. But you should never be addicted to gambling as my mother had told me since I was a kid.


I took that £100 and paid the bills for that month and then I realised we are back in the same position and struggling again. I found a full tilt Rakeback £30 voucher for one poker website while clearning out my magazines. So I thought why not I use this as it is free money. I started playing again and I played for few hours over the weekend for next few weeks and got my winnings to £300. From which I spent £100 to pay for the household bills and saved £200 – then I realised we have savings. I kept playing for next months which took my winnings to up to £3000.


I controlled the addictive nature of gambling and only played over the weekends. I wanted to give more time to my family and I did even though I was playing poker. Now after 18 months of poker I am a professional poker player and my savings is up to £50,000. Our life has changed.