How To Play The Cash 3 Lottery

Lottery cash numbers come in three types. The first type is called “single combos”, which are pick 3 combinations where each of the digits is unmatched. An example single combo would be 319, 383 or 657. The reason why these are single combos is because each of the digits is different from the others in the combination.

The second type of is called “double combos”, which are pick 3 combinations such as 228, 552, or 717. So, you need two digits to match each other. The third type of pick 3 numbers is called “triple combos”, which are pick 3 combinations where all of the digits match each other, such as 888, 111 or 666.

Now, out of these three types of numbers, you have to realize what type of numbers appear more often than other categories of numbers. My research has shown that 70% of the time, the winning numbers appear as single combos. Of the 30%, 25% goes to double combos, which leaves just 5% for triple combos.

Some other lottery studies have shown that only 1% of the time, the triple combos hit. Using those numbers, that obviously means that 99% of the time, a single or double combo will be the result. So, to clarify those odds of winning: single combo = 70%; double combo = 29%; triple combo = 1%.

Therefore, it is crucial for you to choose a single combo choice for your pick 3 numbers as opposed to picking double combos or the triple combos. Picking double combos is okay because you will get bigger prizes if the winning numbers turn out to be double numbers. But, instead of focusing on the size of the prize, it’s better to focus on having the best possible odds for yourself.

Having the odds consistently in you favor will see you accumulate the highest possible amount of money in the long run. That is why if you wish maximum success, you should pick the single combos for your own pick 3 numbers. That’s because the single combos have the best odds of winning out of three types of numbers that come out in the pick 3 results. So, start consistently going with the single combos in the pick 3 game and start winning in the pick 3 game now!

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