Hundreds of detailed reviews on Internet Marketing solutions – First up, the perfect WordPress blog ‘blueprint’

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BREAKING NEWS: Attention all WordPress Bloggers

About me

I am a full time reviewer of Internet marketing tools and techniques. On average I personally answer around six hundred questions about Internet Marketing through my blog every week. I understand the pressure of what it is like to struggle financially, pay the bills and feed a family so I do this for money (because I have a family to support) and to help others in a similar situation.

In my experience I have discovered a significant number of Internet Marketers who look excellent on paper but most often don’t deliver what they claim. Until now I have restricted publishing my encounters to a limited group of websites because their owners have been very useful in helping me with my reviews.

Over 600 products tested

This represents just over six hundred ‘products’ that I have evaluated over a timescale of nearly five years, obviously a number of them are obsolete and I will only be including ‘products’ that are still available. Every product review is a direct result of me using the product in anger and naturally I will be sharing the rough and the smooth with my subscribers.

Easy to use and organised directory

I am determined that every visitor makes the journey to website gets good value so I am making sure that every ‘product’ summary is categorised in terms of what they can expect to spend, the level of skill they will need, how much time they should spend and how long it usually take to see some results.

First Review – The ‘blueprint’ for WordPress blog success

I am going to commence with WordPress Blogs and what products and techniques you can use to make money from them. Blogging is something that everyone can do and can make money from and so everyone who signs up to my list will get easy to follow instructions on how to install a WordPress blog and turn it into a site that can make money.

Create once and replicate

Blogs are brilliant in as much once you get one working properly and earning cash then you simply replicate it. I have a fundamental rule of ‘getting a rope across the river’ before commencing on any large amount of work so I always begin with building a ’concept car’ that I develop into a blueprint that I can test, improve and replicate, to do this you have to really understand what products and strategies you need to use.

No bullshit, just answers.

So if you own a WordPress blog or you need some real help with your purchases of Internet Marketing products then please do join my list at

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