Is Gambling actually Up to Fortune or Chance?

Most people believe that pre-eminence in gambling is precisely due to chance, or as many people would prefer to regard it, “lady luck.”. Loads of gamblers like to think that if they win it is because they’ve been touched by Lady Luck. Although that also implies that they will have a winning streak as long as Lady Luck is on their side.

But that sort of belief is a kind of dangerous weapon. If it were right that Lady Luck was responsible for gambling success, therefore it diminishes any thought that the player is having success due to his capability as a gambler. Lady luck takes the whole thing out of the hands of the gambler and leaves it totally up to fate. But if this is true then why is it that certain winners are not truly consistent in their wins? How can they win one day and lose the next?

Statisticians will disagree the reality of the situation is better explained mathematically rather than by luck, or Lady LuckThey can quite logically explain the probabilities and probabilities of someone winning at any given time.

in fact many folks who are scornful of gambling tend to classify games like blackjack and roulette as being members of the gaming business instead of the gambling industry. By offering this difference, they can then say that those games are based more on mathematical statistics rather than any sort of chance.

There is a question if you subscribe to the assumption that it’s all Lady Luck. Not only does that bring to mind some kind of primitive way of taking a look at something, but it also suggests that regardless of what the player does, his winning or losing is based on some aspect over which he doesn’t have any control. If luck is with him he’s going to win, if it is not, he’s going to lose. It can , enfeeble his capability to play intelligently.

Believing in the luck speculation can even send some people into doing unusual and unusual things. In other words, they may perhaps take extreme measure to do specific things to “ward off evil spirits” which will interfere with Lady Luck. It can even go so far as to effect the color of garments that they wear when they play.

One issue to remember, statisticians maintain that it is virtually unachievable to get a royal flush. In reality, they are saying the chances of getting one are 1 in 649,739. This illustrates more than anything that most of the people will lose more than they will win. And that is the entire foundation of gambling… Losing.

So, keep that under consideration. Losing is normal in gambling and winning the exception. So long as you go into gambling with this thought in mind you won’t have unrealistic expectancies. But to think that Lady Luck is on your side and you will come out a massive winner, will only lead to upsetting results. The casino proprietor is the only one that constantly wins at gambling. That IS a guarantee.

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