Is Playing Lottery Different From Gambling?

Gambling is a game of luck and uncertainty, which involves placing a bet, with all the other players agreeing to put their possessions at stake, in exchange for a chance to win the booty. The players can put up anything valuable as stake, such as cash, agricultural lands, or any precious gems that they may have at the moment. Ultimately, the winner in gambling sweeps the booty that was put at stake by the rest of the players, without compensating them for what they lost.

There are several different forms of gambling, like horse racing, casino, playing cards, or lottery. Lottery is one of the most popular subset of gambling, wherein, pre-decided prizes and gifts are given to the winners.  Lottery is commonly played by the middle-income strata of the society, who dream to win a big lottery one day and therefore, keep investing in lottery tickets again and again.

Although gambling is highly popular in several parts of the world, yet, it is strictly forbidden in the Islamic nations because Islam considers gambling to be an absolutely unethical practice, something which is equivalent to committing a big sin, and must therefore be avoided.

In fact, many top nations in the world have legalized lottery and have even opened Government-run state-lotteries to amass the public money and utilize it for the common benefit of the public. For instance, in countries like Spain, France, Canada, Belgium, U.K, several states in U.S (including Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, etc), there are several licensed casinos operating, because in these countries, lotteries are a popular form of entertainment and the social stigma associated with it is minimal. Therefore, gambling is considered not like a vice, but as a fun-filled game in these countries. And the proceedings form the lotteries and gambling is used for building public amenities.

Many people, however, prefer to ignore lotteries because they are of the opinion that lotteries are nothing but “taxes levied on stupidity”. They feel so because the chances to win the lottery is very low when compared to the other forms of gambling and inspite of knowing this fact, uncountable people still prefer to buy a lottery ticket and try their luck. Hardly do they know the fact that their money fills up the government’s public utility funds, just as the taxes paid by us fill in the government’ treasuries, and therefore, they prefer to refer to lotteries as “tax on stupidity”.

A great matter of concern today is that lotteries and gambling have become just a little too common. The trend is so high that numerous instances of compulsive gambling have also been reported from different parts of the world. The patient suffering from compulsive gambling have been reported to experience temper tantrums, depression, anxiety, and a lot other behavioral anomalies such as taking loans secretly from everyone around them to obtain the money to participate in another round of gambling. Although their family members do not give their approval, these patient disobey them and go ahead to participate in gambling. They become very violent and aggressive and desperately want to gamble and win by all means.

Playing gambling at the cost of someone’s hard earned money or possessions is absolutely unethical. Instead, lottery and gambling can be played purely for fun, using less valuable gifts and token amounts as this will not harm anyone and everyone can enjoy the game irrespective of whet