Is Sports Betting a Real Form of Investing?

I know it may seem crazy to a lot of you, but if done correctly sports betting may be a much more attractive form of investing than the regular main stream options that we are use to such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds. 

Let me ask you this question.How is the stock market treating you? 

If you are like the majority of people, you have either seen some small returns or even worse some serious losses.With how the stock market is performing now a days most of the general public are losing money and a lot of it. 

What’s the interest rate that the bank is giving you? 2% or 3% if you are lucky.I don’t know about you, but these options really don’t seem that promising.Now let’s look at the potential that sports betting can offer.

 To start off, the reason why so many people lose with sports betting is because they don’t treat it as a legitimate investment vehicle.They bet on games just because they are on TV, bet on their favorite teams and neglect to follow strict bankroll management practices.What I want to show today is that sports betting can be lucrative if done properly. 

For this example we will use a $1000 starting bankroll.Of course you may have more or less, but in this example I will be using $1,000 to illustrate.Now what most people do is wager $100 on one game and maybe another $200 or $300 on another game that they like more.Unfortunately this is much to much to be risking on one game.My personal recommendation is to wager no more than 5 percent on any game.Sticking with this example your wagers should be no more than $50 per game. 

Now some of you may or may not know this, but to break even with sports betting you need to win 52.4% of your bets using the 11/10 offered on the most popular sports like NFL football and basketball.For this example, we will say that you will bet on only 2 games per day and use a very conservative win rate of 57%.Here is what the numbers would look after the first month.

Starting Bankroll



Bet Amount (5%)



Win Rate



Total Games Bet


60 (2X30days)

# Wins



# Losses



Total Wins



Juice or Vig 10%**



Net Wins



Total $$$ Won



Total % Increase



Ending Bankroll



**Juice or Vig is the % that the online sports books keeping for taking your bets. Usually 10% 

After reviewing the numbers from this conservative example you can clearly see that you would have profited $280 and increased your total bankroll by 28 %.I’m sure you would agree that 28 percent returns after 1 month is pretty incredible, but we are not done there.For month two you should recalculate 5% of your new bankroll of $1280 making your new bet amounts $64.Staying with this example and a monthly increase of 28% at the end of one year you would have increased your initial bankroll from $1000 to $19,342 and an unbelievable interest rate of over 1900%. 

So let me ask you the question again.How did the stock market do for you? Even if you drop down the win percentages to 56% or 55% you will still have exceptional returns after 12 months.No matter how you look at it, sports investing needs to be given a serious look as an investment opportunity.

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