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Have you ever thought about quitting your full time job and bet for a living. Well that's exactly what I did. I quit my job and began to bet professionally. My name is Bill and I am the president and CEO of I began my betting career in the fall of 1988 with my father doing parlay cards. I was hooked with my first one. My dad hit 8 0ut of 8 one weekend and hit for $1,010 that my mother took for a new roof we needed on the house. After picking up the money with my father I lit up like a Christmas tree and that’s where my obsession started betting sports. I became a gambling machine. I began to watch the Saturday betting shows (you know who I'm talking about) and I ran up $100's of dollars on my parent’s phone bill calling their 900 numbers all day long getting advice on games. I gave those so called handicappers (aka scam artists) thousands of dollars over the next few years until I came up with a system that has been remarkably profitable. If you can be discipline and bet exactly the games I say then you to can bet for a living. I released my system to the public last week after personally testing it for years and I'm already 7-0. This system has gone

Football 2009– 57-3

Hoops 2009– 75-6

Hockey 2009– 43-1

Baseball 2009– 7-0 so far!! 

I’m offering this to the public to help you bettors out there that have been scammed and lost thousands of your hard earned money. The price is only $199 a week or $500 a month.


If you want to bet for a living and quit your day job now then you came to the right place. Any questions please call me at 877-285-1097 or send me an email. I will give you the financial freedom that you always dreamt about. Sign Up Now!!