Mixing up your playing style in poker tournaments.

When playing in online poker tournaments, you’re eventually going to have to start mixing up your play so as to trap your opponents and capture their stack. Most players fulfill this by getting involved in a few small pots with weaker hands or draws that they can show at the river.

Forethought should always be taken however, because your adversaries in the early stages of online poker tournaments are willing to risk far more than you would expect.However, once you hit the middle stages and your opponents skill level becomes more obvious, blending up your hole cards and betting activity can pay huge dividends when the opportunity shows itself.

Your goal here is create muddiness in your opponents and that may take some experience to do correctly and inexpensively. It’s not exactly a simple thing to do, but with some practice and commitment to your game you can start to make some good reads – even online.

So extra caution is needed, as well as a serious dedication to pot control in each hand that you are involved in. This is often difficult because many new players suffer from a lack of emotional control at the table and that gets them into challenging and often times overpriced situations.

Emotional control and judgement will pave the way for improved play on your part – something you must do to quash being played against by intelligent sharks. For long term winning in poker tournaments, a lack of control will cost you money.

This is a strategy I often use when starting a poker tournament. Have a few select “favorite” hands that you will play like they were much stronger hole cards and whenever you get them debate making a bet. Now you still have to pick your spots and re-raising isn’t reccomended but try and be the aggressor with such hands and you will be very amazed at how many pots you take uncontested.

It really doesn’t matter which hands you pick but try and choose ones that have flush or straight potential. The added bonus here is that if your opponents are using poker software to track your style of play they are getting misinformation.