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A Guy Namend Joe: Excellent cast flounders in lazy fantasy in reference to WW2 guide Tracy returning to the planet to give youthful serviceman Johnson a hand in his romance with Tracy’s lady friend Dunne. Cast includes Spencer Tracy, Irene Dunne, Van Johnson, Ward Bond, James Gleason, Lionel Barrymore, Barry Nelson, Esther Williams, and Don DeFore. (120 minutes, 1943)

The Last Seduction: Pathologically malevolent and stunningly sensual female ditches her spouse, snatches the money he’s made in a drug deal, and escapes N.Y.C. to a tiny upstate town where she allures and bewilders a local gentleman who becomes her latest patsy. Fiorentino’s spicy femme fatale makes Stanwyck in Triple Indemnity look like Snow White! The movie is a scorching, seductive thriller from contemporary film noir master Dahl and author Steve Barancik. Cast includes Linda Fiorentino, Peter Berg, J. T. Walsh, Bill Nunn, Bill Pullman, Michael Raysses, and Zach Phifer. (110 minutes, 1994)

The Pajama Game: Adaptation of the Broadway lyrical hit with much of its cast intact essentially interprets the word “exuberance.” Day is a pleasure as the head of a plant complaint agency that impulsively falls in love with the new foreman (Raitt, in his only featuring film). Richard Adler and Jerry Ross’ melodies contain “Hey, There.” Dancer Haney stands out in her “Mist Heat” characteristic and in the lively “Once a Year Night” barbeque number. Cast includes Doris Day, John Raitt, Carol Haney, Eddie Foy, Jr., Barbara Nichols, and Reta Shaw. (101 minutes, 1957)

Barnacle Bill: Beery and Core aid essentially typical material as old vinegar and lady trying to trap him into matrimony. Cast includes Wallace Beery, Matjorie Prime, Leo Carrillo, Virginia Weidler, Donald Softhearted, and Barton Mafamilye. (98 minutes, 1941)

Ruby’s Fantasy: Smooth although typical drive-in fare in regards to a shell-stunned Vietnam vet who finds himself the object of an enormous manhunt in a small Alabama town. It is the same elementary tale as First Blood which came later. Cast includes Linda Blair, Ben Johnson, Matt Clark, and Richard Famsworth. (91 minutes, 1982)

Prince of Darkness: The anti-Christ entombs the evil child of Satan in a cannister of a forgotten about L.A. temple. It’s up to pastor Pleasence and the gradstudents of Prof Wong to tidy up the mess. They must stop the religious sect attempting to free this child named the “Brotherhood of Rest.” Cast includes Donald Pleasence, Lisa Blount, Jameson Parker, Victor Wong, Dennis Dun, Susan Blanchard, Anne Howard and Alice Cooper Panavision. R (110 minutes, 1987)

S.o.B.: An inventor hatches a plan to turn his latest turkey into a hit: juice it up with pmlography and have his spouse-megastar (Andrews) plain her breasts. A glib satire on contemporary Movieland tosses in everything from black humor to dry, with wildly choppy outcomes. This was Holden’s last film. Cast includes Julie Andrews, William Holden, Richard Mulligan, Robert Preston, Robert Vaughn, Loretta Swit, Larry Hagman, Marisa Berenson, Robert Webber, Stuart Margolin, Craig Stevens, Shelley Winters, Rosanna Arquette, and Jennifer Edwards. (121 minutes, 1981)

The Kingdom: The terrorism story is reinvented as an action film. It is a blood-pumping tale of an elite FBI team that voyages surreptitiously to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to examine a massive explosion at a U.S. living area. Cast includes Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Chris Cooper, Jason Bateman, Ashraf Barhom, Ali Suliman, Jeremy Piven, Danny Huston, Richard Jenkins, Frances Fisher, Anna Deavere Smith, and Tim McGraw. (110 minutes, 2007)

Delta Fox: Unremarkable action-based opus in regards to a smuggler on the run from Miami to L.A. Cast includes Richard Lynch, Priscilla Barnes, Stuart Whitman, John Ireland, and Richard Jaeckel. (92 minutes, 1977)

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