New Casino Table Games-What Casinos are Doing to Attract More Clients

New Casino Table Games Attract new clients

Last April , I travelled the place of Las Vegas in the state of Nevada to see my parents and other family members, including my nieces, nephews. Giving myself time to relax from my hectic business schedules at the same time.

After a day of family get-together I decided to amuse myself to the glittering lights of the Las Vegas strip where lots of Casinos and other entertainments await.

After going inside few casinos , I discovered a technique by casinos to fascinate new customers. These days I see more slot machines taking over where they had table games before. The slots are very attractive to the casino management because they need less people to operate and it can be programmed to monitor costumers activity during the play.

As a table game player, I roam around to the Table games area to find out whats the new games were being played. Several new Poker and Black Jack tables with  modified rules seemed to have the most excitement in the floor area.

I even found the game WAR, a childhood card game I played when I was young – was converted into a casino table game. Variations of the traditional black jack games were also availailable with hands that could be surrendered anytime during the course of the play. This gave the player an opportunity to surrender 50 percent of their bets. With this game,its better to be safe and give up your bet than to play a bet that has a very low chance of winning. More bunoses also awarded for certain combinations of hands received and immediate payment for a 21, 2 card draw whether the dealer has a blackjack or not.


So the next time your in a casino try out the new casino table games as an alternative to the classic table games. They will keep you entertained and they seem to have bigger bonuses when you get lucky.