Poker Accessories, Poker Cases

When you’ve really gotten into poker and are now at the stage of buying your own accessories, chip cases can be everything from mere utilitarian carrying cases for your chips, cards and dice, to something resembling a status symbol. The variety seems to be endless. You can go as simple and plain as you like, or invest in something quite elaborate. And frankly, the luxury and appeal of some of these poker chip sets and cases is reminiscent of the prestige currently enjoyed when certain high-end sports shoes sell for astounding prices.

Your basic carrying case for your most basic set of poker accessories and chips is a simple, sturdy aluminum. It’s strong, it provides good protection for the contents, yet can unfortunately be a little boring if you want to make something of a splash. Many players who buy their own chip cases are not simply in this for the game alone, but hope to make their personal poker games an outright occasion. The atmosphere of the game can be as important as the playing itself. Chips that resemble casino chips can lend just the right aura to a game.

Some seem to be almost intended as a conversation piece, as you look at the polished, lacquered wood and the velvet interior of the cases, where the clay chips, the cards, the dealer button are nestled. You can hardly imagine pulling out those cards and chips and actually playing a game with them. Others might come in black leather that can handle a little rough treatment, with rather plain but well-made chips, designed to be used. And other cases might get really elaborate, being heavy, two-tiered affairs with chips, cards and dice on a top tray that lifts out to reveal more chips on the lower level.

Some cases go all out when it comes to atmosphere, including a cigar tray and cutter among the contents. That would certainly recreate the atmosphere of an old poker party with its smoky backroom feel. But whatever kind of aura you want to create, if you even want to create one at all, whether you want to keep things simple and just enjoy a game or want to make an occasion of things, one of the chip cases out there will serve your purposes.

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