Poker Meets are Also Being Held For Good Cause Such as Darfur

The success of online casinos can be attributed to the popularity of online poker, as well as roulette, and at the same time to the amount of charity they give out for less fortunate people in parts of the world. With the huge popularity that the game enjoys among the gaming community, it is natural that championship meets would throw up whopping jackpots and prizes.

However, contrary to most people think, the winnings are not solely enjoyed by the pros of poker. The prizes are at times given up for charity, as in making donations for feeding starving people in many parts of the world. World problems like war, tribal conflicts, poverty, and hunger are a painful reality that takes lives each year. Because of this, champions in poker like Cheadle, Norman Epstein and Annie Duke started raising funds for Africa in 2006 to aid bring about peace in the war-inflicted region of Sudan known as Darfur.

The project pushed through involving a poker tournament which gathered many celebrities all over the world to raise money that went up way above ,000 to aid suffering people who were left without food and shelter. Primarily, a poker tournament with celebrities gracing the show was bound to bring in thousands of gaming fans and enthusiasts wanting to get a feel of the atmosphere and also rub shoulders with poker icons from the world over.

About .5 million was reached

The success of these noble causes has been possible due to tremendous popularity of the casino game played online that has hooked millions the world over. Hundreds of thousands of participants are willing to invest their time in such game because they do not have to leave their rooms. Apart from being a thrilling entertainment, poker has become an interest to the experienced gambler and newcomer alike because of its support to charity for the people of Africa. Unbelievably, the amount of cash collected during the first day for the charity went beyond what was expected.

The expected amount was somewhere between twenty thousand and thirty thousand dollars but an enormous amount of seven hundred thousand dollars astounded everyone. Over the years after the Africa fund was founded, nearly .5 million has been raised to help the devastated population in Darfur. In addition, the group travels to different parts of the world – from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo – to do poker meets and raise more money for charity.