Rake Back – Have the Poker Sites Pay You

For those of you  who are new to poker or just may not be aware of what Rake Back actually is I’m going to explain how  important it is to your poker bottom line. For starters, what is the rake? Basically this is the amount of money that the poker rooms, either online or offline  keep as their cut for hosting the poker game. If you have ever sat down to play a tournament online and had to pay that extra little fee, that is the rake. A typical take for Sit N Go’s or Multi Table Tournaments is 10%. Look at this example.

Usually you will have to pay a $1 rake fee if you are playing a $10 game.  For a $30 MTT the rake would be $3 and so on. Now that you know what the rake is, you can probably guess what the term Rake Back means. Basically the payouts range from 27% to 100% just for playing poker at their poker rooms.

What’s the reason the poker rooms offer this?

As you can probably imagine, the costs associated with running an online poker room are much less than the costs of a regular land casino. These poker sites can offer these types of bonuses to join their sites since their overall expenses are much less than land casinos.

So how much can you expect to get back?

Let’s look at this example as it all depends on how much you play. Let’s just say that each week you play only twenty $20 SNG’s. The numbers would look something like this:

# of SNG’s :                        20
Rake Paid (Week): $40 ($2 x 20 SNG’s)
Rake Paid (Month): $160 (4 weeks X $40)
Rake Paid (Year):             $1,920 (12 months X $160)

Now if we use a typical Rake Back Deal of 30%, you would get back $576 over the course of a year. Not too shabby for playing the games that you would be playing anyways. Obviously if you play more or less then your numbers will look a little different from this example, but I’m sure you get the point. The majority of the sites will pay out each month, but there are some that pay out each week or even daily. The best thing is that most Rake Back offers are easy to join and FREE to sign up.

Basically you are getting paid for the games that you would be playing anyways. You are leaving money on the table if you are not using Rake Back.

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