Robin Hood Escapes Nottingham Forest For A Trip to Las Vegas

Not the Robin Hood of Nottingham, England.   And not the Robin Hood of poker rakeback.    But Robin Hood in Sin City! It's not a place that would spring to mind to discover a real life Robin Hood, but an anonymous person has changed lives with his/her donations in the past 12 months. The Blackjack Player had begun a campaign to reward kind families who had through no fault of their own fallen on hard times. Taking on the name of Robin Hood 702, with the 702 standing for the Las Vegas area code, their plan was to win money from well off casinos and ensure the winnings were given to a deserving family in need. A website was built and people were invited to post their information for consideration in selection.

Understandably the website was inundated with applications from people who had been experiencing hard times.   The only stipulation to be seriously considered for the financial help was that you had verifiable debt between 25,000 and 50,000 US Dollars. After ploughing through thousands of entries from families, the mysterious benefactor opted for a family who had unfortunately had a huge hospital bill to pay due to their daughter's cancer treatment. They also picked a second family. He then went on to give a total of 55,000 US Dollars away between the families. Our modern day Robin then kindly treated the families to a paid trip to Las Vegas with all expenses being covered.

Another unique part of this story is that the player even funded all the games himself. He had approached the casinos asking for their help in funding the plan, but was always turned down. He has no intention of revealing his true identify and is in no way looking for any fame.

He has also been adamant that he uses no cheating in his games and denies card counting or any other strategies to win. Our modern day Robin Hood relies purely on luck.   Even more amazing is that he has promised to pay half of the recipient’s debt regardless of whatever occurred at the blackjack tables!

It has now reached the time where a new family is being sought and already the website has been flooded with upto 300 applications a day.

With times as hard as they are and people so careful with their money it is a joy to hear such a good news story.   It really is a rarity for the Vegas strip that is usually the paragon of greed and excess to inspire the gift of giving, but our modern day Robin Hood does just this.

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