Roulette Sniper Review

In this article I’m going to speak about a roulette system called roulette sniper. It has been on the internet since March 2007 and I had read so many positive review that I thought it would be worth a try.

Before purchasing roulette sniper I had purchased many other roulette strategies and always ended up losing money both buying and using them. With roulette sniper I knew that I wouldn’t be able to win 0 in two minutes like the maker claims you can but I thought that if I was patient I would be able to win slowly but surely.

The product was available to me instantley after payment was confirmed via a download link in an email. Before playing I took a look at the instructions and learnt that what roulette sniper does is track the previous bets for you.

This means you will be told when when to bet on a red or black when it hasn’t shown for a pre determined amount of spins that you decide. It can also do this for the columns, lines, dozens, splits and dozens etc.

I thought it would be best to play save and told roulette sniper to play conservatively and I was only wagering at a time. In the first half hour I found myself in profit and I started believing I had found the perfect system. Then I had a losing run, roulette sniper was telling me to bet on dozen 1-12 and I kept betting on it according to roulette snipers instructions, with the bets getting larger each time.

My original 0 bankroll was gone plus the that I had won, meaning that in one bad losing run I had lost 0. I tryed again but this time withe even more conservative settings and a larger bankroll.

I told roulette sniper to track the table until there was 15 times without a column and 8 times without any of the even bets. The bets were less frequent but I still won in an hour and I thought that if I could do this all the time then I would be on to a winner as the winnings would add up.

I then encountered another losing run this time it was on column 2, it hadn’t shown for fifteen spins so roulette sniper told me to bet on it but it went a further ten spins without showing so again I lost my bankroll. The problem with roulette sniper is that it will kep increasing bets when you lose and it soon becomes risky.


After this second loss I came to the conclusion that these kind of systems, software based or not do not work long term and decided to give it up, I was a little wiser but a little poorer.