Sitngo Shark Guide and Tips

Play with Sit and Go Shark, “The Fastest and Easiest Way to Make A KILLING at Online Poker Tournaments”.

Be a Shark, not a fish! Built specifically for Sit and Go Tournaments, Shark combines the best of an online poker odds calculator with dynamic instructional advice from poker pro Roy Rounder himself! Players get poker tips on 7 different components of the game from Roy Rounder in real time as they use Sit and Go Shark™ to enhance and refine their game. Players love the fact that Shark serves as an “in-game poker coach.” Shark is for anyone who loves Roy Rounder or wants to win more Sit and Go Tournaments.

Like most others this window attaches to your poker program and reads your cards, and the flop. It also takes betting amounts, betting patterns, pot odds, blinds, tourney stage and creates several categories of decision values, like sit and go sharkposition, momentum, and table aggression, thus offering advice based on all this data. Sure a lot of this is book play, but the truth is, Book Play wins single table Sit and Go games on most internet websites. Hence, a lot of players play SnG’s exclusively, and some are professionals playing – 0 buy-in games as their main source of income – or a least use it as a strategy to fund larger buy-in MTT’s.


Sit and Go’s can have as many as 50 players or as few as 2. It really just depends on which casino you’re playing at and which type YOU CHOOSE. A majority of Sit and Go’s are single table games with 10 players. In a game like this, the top 3 finishers would place “in the money”. (“Single Table Tournament” is abbreviated STT.) For instance, let’s say you want to play a Sit and Go. You buy-in for and pay an “entry fee” to the casino– probably a buck. All 10 players would start with the same number of chips– let’s say 800. The blinds would start low, probably 5-10. As the game progresses, the blinds will keep increasing to force action. The buy-ins on a game like this would total 0. That money would get split between the top three finishers. First place would be , second place would get , and third place would get .


The Shark will guide you through what to do and why. In situations where you are floundering and unsure of your next move, the Shark will give you the backbone you are lacking.


Sit & Go Shark is the only online poker aid created specifically for the ever-popular Sit & Go tournaments, and it’s the first one to tap into Roy Rounder’s own personal database of Texas Holdem poker strategies. The best part is you can get Sit & Go Shark for FREE just by opening a new account with one of their partner poker rooms. Get Sit & Go Shark now and finish in the money in every tournament!

Sit and Go Shark is a very handy poker tool in winning at poker tournaments. It can make not only for rich pots but also hefty bank accounts for us.