Tell Tell Signs of a Gambler

Gambling is a very frowned upon game, when you tell people that you visit a casino or play online poker, they somewhat look down on you like you have done something wrong; gambling should be seen as a sport. But there are some sociable gamblers who become addicted, whether this be to scratch card game or roulette. But gamblers are very easy to spot, so let’s take a look at a few things that you may notice in a gambler.



Gamblers tend to always be of a moody appearance, not because they have lost money. But merely because they try to put a grouchy face on when they are gambling not to show their own weaknesses.



A gambler is constantly a fidget; they fidget so much because they are forever thinking about getting their next game of gambling in, they genuinely cannot think about anything else except for winning.



A lot of gambling addicts are quite unsociable; they are unsociable because of the fact that they are not interested in anything else. All they really want to speak about and do is to gamble their money.



If you constantly sweat it does tend to take its toll on you, because gamblers are always sweating you will notice that they always have red faces and chests, this is because they have literally turned into a nervous wreck.



Have you ever asked a gambler to lend you some money? They always seem to say yes, this is simply because of the fact that they do not care what happens with their money and would instead give it away or gamble it away.


Gambling should always be played in moderation, there is no point playing if you are going to lose all your money


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