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They are so many different kinds of US casino player bonuses, which are partly responsible for the dramatic increase in the number of online casino players. The bonuses are given through added points, free play, or real money for online play. Online casinos are more interesting, when compared to the land based casinos, because of their creative bonus methods. There are basically four types of bonuses that help players to win more, and thus play more.  


The first type of bonus and most popular by far is the deposit bonus.  You don’t see these in the brick and mortar casinos at all. These US casino player bonuses are a amount given on top of the players deposit. Usually they are 100% or 200% of the deposit, but could be any amount.  These deposit bonuses are usually given for signing up, reloading, or using a specific deposit method.


The second type of bonus and gaining popularity is the free chip or free cash US casino player bonuses These types of bonuses are a great way to try out the casino on their dime not yours.  These bonus offers allow you to keep your winnings, but you have to wager the money a certain amount of times before you can cash it out.  You do see these types of bonuses in brick and mortar casinos but on a much smaller scale. A free opportunity to try their casino is great ways to start out but if you find a game you like you may be inclined to make a real money deposit.


The third type of US casino player bonuses is the free money to play for a set amount of time.For instance, you will find an offer like 0 totally free and 40 minutes to win.  At the end of the time limit you get to keep the money you have left, but you have to wager the money a certain amount of times before you can cash it out. If you lose it all most casinos have a promotion like the second chance real.  It will basically give you yet another chance to get a nice bonus. It is unusual to find this type of bonuses in brick and mortar casinos.


The last type of US casino player bonuses is the refer a friend bonus.  A player gets this bonus when they refer a friend or family member to the online casino.  The amount for this bonus is usually pretty good.The bonus is given when a referal makes a real money deposit and wagers the money a certain amount of times.  The nice thing about this is the new player can take advantage of some of the bonuses mentioned above and you still get your money.


In summary, the casinos don’t give these bonuses because they lose money on these deals.  They actually win a lot more than you think. So take advantage of free money anytime you can. Now if you see a ad like the one below you know exactly what your getting.


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