Why People With More Money are Greedier

We have all come across a successful business person or a successful business director who had the huge luxury home and various different sports cars, then on the other side of things you see the normal average guy who just works on day in and day out to make ends meet.

What I am trying to get at is that if you go to see these people again in about five years or so you are guaranteed to see that the ever so wealthy business person has lost everything, while the average man has not been affected by any of it.

The reason behind this is because of gambling; I don’t just mean conventional gambling such as playing online poker, but also other things that you can gamble at in life such as making the wrong decisions or buying the wrong property.

One of the reasons that the rich man has ended up losing everything is due down to greed. What I mean is that the normal average guy has been getting along with his normal job for the last few years, he has had to save money for buying a new car or booking a holiday, so he appreciates it a lot more. Once again on the other hand the rich man would have been chucking his money away both left, right and centre. Doing anything that he wanted to and not even considering the consequenses. This would have all led to the rich person losing their money, their home and their car.

It just goes to show you no matter how much money you have you should always look at investing it wisely.


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