Winning Roulette Strategies – Helpful Tips Uncovered

There is one proven technique for emerging victorious in a game of roulette. Despite all the strategies, the one thing to keep in mind is that, in the end, the odds always favor the casino. The fall of the die, the roll of the wheel – it all comes down to chance, and chance isn’t something which can be guaranteed. The single thing to bear in mind is not to assume that a low win is evidence of the likelihood of a bigger win, otherwise you will be sure to lose out.

To start with, it is vital to know that roulette can be played in two different ways. In America roulette is often played on a different board to Europe’s traditional layout. But this one small difference makes a huge difference when it comes down to working out the statistics. Be aware that any seemingly insignificant variation can result in the best planned strategy collapsing in ruin. The European and American layouts share the single zero and the standard 36 slots. However, the American version has a double zero – a 38th number on the board. Many strategies ignore the double zero, and this can really lower your odds.

The Martingale system is one of the most well known techniques of playing roulette. It is a tried and tested strategy for winning at roulette. On the other hand, one should not confuse success with grand fortunes. It is prudent to have an understanding of the different techniques available to have a better chance of winning.

Make a start with betting just $1. If you win, you’ll receive your stake back, plus another dollar. Not a bad start if you do win on the first round! There is the possibility of you not winning the first round. Martingale’s method would require you to repeat your bet, but doubling the amount wagered. Success this time results in the same situation as if you’d won the first bet. Any loss means you have to double your stake and repeat the same bet. The odds of having to do this more than seven times in a row are around 98%, which makes the system look appealing.

Using this system, each time you lose, you double your bet. And when you finally win, it is wise to start again with your original small bet of $1. The system means you should gain about $1 every sixty seconds at least. Of course, if you have a large bankroll, this could be increased to ten dollar bets, with larger returns.

The trouble with the Martingale method, as with so many, is that although statistically it would seem you could only very rarely exceed seven losses in a sequence – this will almost certainly occur eventually. In the long run, the numbers cannot lie! Once this statistically small, but nonetheless certain event does happen, it may be that you haven’t cash remaining to meet the stake requirements. Even though you have enough funds, you might not be permitted to increase your bet once you reach the table limit.

Using the Martingale system for a short while often works. Unfortunately, it is by playing the method for spin after spin that its weaknesses become apparent. Winning a little to start with can be very infectious. It lulls them into a false feeling of confidence but it does not work out in the long run. Through misplaced faith and greed too many people gamble for too long, losing any early winnings. The secret of success with the Martingale system for roulette is to know when to stop and be content with small profits.

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